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Sasuke vs Gaara (Episode 74-75) Winner: Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs Gaara (Episode 74-75) Winner: Sasuke

Why does it say "Title: Sasuke vs Gaara (Episode 74-75) Winner: Sasuke" WTF?! im not going to make a summary but obviously Gaara won that... you know... he has a monster inside, he could bite sasuke to death XD i have no preferences to any character, but it sems that some summaryes does... in the previous battle sasuke/Gaara is the same, it says: "Title: Sasuke vs Gaara (Episode 66-67) Winner: Sasuke / the battle didnt finish, but sasuke won" WTF? (yes again) Gaara was going to transform and kill sasuke man! XD you have to correct this! and... come on... sasuke isn`t of gold, he`s a good character but not better than a tailed monster :P, if it is all about guessing the winner one person has to think without preferences (sorry if my english is bad XD, i`m from Uruguay, so im still studing english)

Submitted by Pescador_Gama

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