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Character Analysis

Hatake Kakashi


Hatake Kakashi was the son of a genius ninja, Konoha's
White Fang, Hatake Sakumo. Spending his childhood in the
company of one who held respect equal with the Legendary
Sannin, Kakashi learned many things from his father, and
was well on his way to becoming an elite shinobi himself.

However, while on a crucial mission during a time of war,
Sakumo chose to save his comrades' lives even though it
meant failing the mission. Many Konoha shinobi died as a
result of the failed mission, and Sakumo came to be
disgraced in the village, even by those whom he had risked
his life to save. He became depressed and distracted, unable
to focus on ninjutsu. Finally, Sakumo committed suicide,
leaving a traumatized Kakashi behind.

Kakashi quickly advanced through the ranks under the
tutelage of the ninja known as Konoha's Yellow Flash, who
would eventually become the Yondaime. Kakashi became a
jounin at a young age, all the while insisting upon
following the rules set by the village so not to meet the
same fate as his father.

During the third great shinobi war, Kakashi ventured into
the Stone country with his teammates, Uchiha Obito and the
medical ninja, Rin. However, Rin was captured by Stone
ninjas before they completed the mission. Kakashi said they
should to stick to the rules and carry out the mission
without her, while Obito insisted on delaying the mission to
rescue Rin. Kakashi refused to change his mind, so Obito
left without him, saying that White Fang was a hero even
if the village disgraced him, and that while people who
break the rules are called trash, those who don't help their
friends are lower than trash.

Kakashi finally realized that a ninja cannot live without
emotion and followed after Obito. Although they managed to
rescue Rin, Kakashi lost an eye, and Obito was crushed by a
boulder. As a parting gift, Obito had Rin implant his
Sharingan into Kakashi's socket, which she did shortly
before Obito died. Kakashi came to blame himself for the
tragedy, thinking that if he had agreed to rescue Rin from
the beginning, Obito would not have lost his life. However,
they manage to complete the mission, and Kakashi went on to
become a ninja respected throughout many shinobi countries,
known by the names of both Sharingan Kakashi and Copy
Ninja Kakashi.

Ten years later, Kakashi is more relaxed and lives by
Obito's words by always taking care of his friends. He also
reads perverted Icha Icha books, never arrives on time,
and mysteriously never removes his face mask. As the jounin
instructor for Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke (*correction*, this used to say Uchiha Itachi, that was a mistake. Thanks to our kind visitor who pointed this out, this is now corrected (July 15, 2009)), and Haruno
Sakura, it seems that Obito's philosophy will continue to
live on.

Kakashi's only original jutsu is the Chidori, which
concentrates chakra to the hand to use as a stabbing weapon
when charging at the enemy. Due to the sheer speed required
to make the charge effective, the Sharingan is necessary to
watch for an enemy's counter. Kakashi has used his Sharingan
to copy over one thousand jutsu, and he uses many of them
regularly, such as Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth
Decapitation Technique), Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water
Dragon Technique), and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone

Written By: 8th-Shichinintai